Useful Links

Useful Phone Numbers

National Emergency Services
Call 000 for Ambulance, Fire Department and Police. 000 calls are free on all mobile phones.

0011-49-city code-number
Call Germany from Australia
This is the combination to dial when you want to call Germany from Australia. 0011 is for overseas calls, 49 is the international country code for Germany. The you city code (minus the zero in front) and the actual number.

You can dial this number from any payphone for free when you run out of credit or battery. You will be asked to say your name and enter the number of the person you wantd to call. This person will then receive your call and pay the normal rate for it.

German Media in Australia
One of the best known sources for German news in Australia is the Government’s Special Broadcasting Service (SBS). SBS broadcasts daily radio news and TV news as well as TV programs in German language. To find out when SBS is broadcasting the German news, please visit their website.