Study in Australia: Universities and Fees

Bachelor and Master Studies

Most Universites courses in Australia will let you earn the degree Bachelor or Master. A Bachelor degree is usually earned directly after finishing school, whereas a Master course is often conducted while already working. Some employers will even pay for their employees to earn a Master’s degree after having worked with them for a few years.

University Fees in Australia

Unfortunately studying in Australia isn’t free – unlike in Germany. International students often find that university fees are an obstacle. Keep in mind, though, that university fees are comparatively low when looking at other English speaking countries. And you will get a world-class education in return!

Australian universities rank among the best universities in international comparison. Australian degrees are well respected and sought after worldwide, and you will also find teaching staff to be highly educated and professional. Student visas are often the first step towards a permanent visa and to settling in Australia. Add to that the fantastic way of life in Australia and you’ll have a combination of unparalleled student life!

If you are looking for scholarships or ways to deal with the university fees, we are there to help. GIA also offers consultancy on working while studying, finding the right course, and paperwork. We look forward to hearing from you!