Travel Australia

Germans in Australia is a registered travel agent with Hero Travel, the world’s newest, highly competitive travel booking platform, to bring you flexible travel deals and travel consultancy in English and German. We offer awesome, adventurous, crazy and unforgettable travel packages, from day trips right through to your full holiday planning!

Why not start your Australia Adventure with a German Walking Tour of Sydney? A surfing lesson, or a whale watching cruise? Just hop onto one of the friendly tour boats in front of the Opera House and head out through the harbour to watch the friendly giants. And while you’re at it, you can also book your next few weeks with us – whether you’re planning to make your way up the East Coast in a bus, visit Uluru; visit Melbourne or explore the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef, we have just what you’re looking for.

Ask us about our competitive travel planning free of charge! We’ll take care of you, so you can lean back and enjoy your holiday.


Great Barrier Reef Adventures

Explore the tropical waters of the Great Barrier Reef

Head out on a boat and spend a few days relaxing out on the reef. Spend your days snorkelling, diving, paragliding or sailing, and let the crystal clear blue waters rock you to sleep at night. GIA offers many different options and packages to fit your budget and desires.

Day trips and multiple day trips available.

Liveaboard, scenic flights and much more!


Beautiful Sydney: So much to do

Get to know Sydney – at your own pace

Sydney is a truly multicultural city, and that is not only famous for the Opera House and the Harbour Bridge, but also for its stunning harbour and endless selection of beaches – each a great destination for surfing, swimming, snorkelling; diving and relaxing! Are you ready to explore this wonderful city and make new friends along the way? We offer surfing lessons, city walking tours (in English and German), harbour lunch and sunset cruises, whale watching, city bus passes, and so much more.

Harbour cruises, bus passes and city tours available.


East Coast Pass

Hop-on, hop-off bus pass

This is a very popular option for travellers looking to make their own way slowly up the East Coast. With this pass, you have to option to determine your own pace: flexible travel dates and times, safe and secure transportation at very low prices. And best of all, you’ll meet lots of other travellers along the way and make heaps of new friends! We offer different options from different tour oprtators to give you maximum flexibility.

3-month-passes available, enquire online.


The Red Center

Stargazing, hiking and exploring ancient cultures

From Uluru to Kakadu, King’s Canyon and the Olga’s; from the clearest starry skies you will ever see to the vastest red desert on earth, the Australian Outback is a land of unparalleled beauty and extremes. Jump into a 4WD and ride to through dried-out river beds, climb up steep cliffs to enjoy a sunset at the top, or sit by a bonfire at night and let yourself be carried away by the stories of the the ancient cultures that call this land their home.

Many options for multiple-day tours, all inclusive.

How does it work?

Our emphasis is on personalised, hand-crafted travel packages to fit all ages, budgets and preferences. We focus on:

  • Giving you the best, free travel consultancy
  • German and English language
  • Simply get in touch with us to ask for a quote
  • Flexible booking times, prices and package options: you tell us your plan, we make it happen
  • Bundle discounts available

We have lots and lots of options available! Choose from many different packages, destinations and tour operators.

What’s included?

This really varies from package to package. Our packages are generally all-inclusive, but our consultants will be able to tell you the details when you book. The only thing we don’t do are flight, but we are happy to suggest a few options that we believe are good.

  • All-inclusive tours, from day trips to several weeks of travel
  • Help with other travel questions around Australia, such as:
    • Aussie bank account pre-arranged, card ready for collection when you arrive
    • Tax File Number arranged

Our travel consultants are native German speakers, so you’ll be able to book and get advise in your own language if needed.